Alone in New York

Febraury 12, 2018

Well, what in the world is a 19-year-old Oklahoma girl doing in Manhattan in the middle of February? Well, this has been my dream since birth. Literally came out of my mother and told my father that I’m going to New York Fashion Week.

Also, blog post about NYFW will be coming up

Anywhooo like the person, I am why not do it when I am a teenager in the middle of my college career when I have nothing better to do. Right? See most people decide to go to NYFW when they’ve grown up and made a living to afford this place for 2ish weeks. But I was just like why not do it now. When I am a teenager. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. But I am glad it happened.

I have learned more about this city than I ever would have. I learned that the subway is a place where people contemplate there life… A LOT. I have always heard crazy things about the New York subway, but seriously people really hate their life on the subway. It’s like all things in their life has paused and there just dead then they get off and its back to reality. Weird.

Another lesson was that people are actually really nice here when you are kind back. They definitely know when someone is confused (me all the time). And they aren’t afraid to come up and ask you. I got on the subway thinking my phone will just tell me where to go, but that didn’t work out quite well. Asking was the way I was gonna get around this city. I made it to Madison Ave because this kind woman helped me and luckily she was going in the same area as me. So we introduced ourselves and got to know each other as we traveled into the city together.

One gigantic lesson that I learned was that everything and everybody is accepted. Every single person I have talked to mentions that they live in this city because of the acceptance they receive from people and the city. Regardless of your purple hair or your crazy body piercings, New York loves it!

Being alone is soooooo normal. I have been going everywhere by my lonesome and it’s perfectly regular. You don’t really feel alone here because there are so many that are.

Feeling like a local here was easy for me. It was easy to blend in because of the mass diversity there is here. For example, right now I am sitting at a local coffee shop with a bunch of locals that have no idea I am from Oklahoma. Cause every type of person just blends in. No one stands out.

People always tell me that New York is so expensive and so hard to get around. Well honestly its easier than Oklahoma. And if you know where to buy certain things it’s actually pretty cheap and just like home. People are just scared to leave there comfort level. It’s actually very eye-opening when you do.

I would have never met certain people if I never left Oklahoma and went to New York alone. Like I’m talking famous people. I have noticed that people are definitely more prone to talk to you when you’re not with your parents.  haha

So my goal for you is to get out of your comfort zone. Go somewhere by yourself, go buy something that you never imagined buying. I am actually looking into getting a goat right now. You only live once and you’re never too young to do anything. Just go for it. Whats the worst that can happen?

Heres some pics of me having fun. Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_8241IMG_0260IMG_4164IMG_0160IMG_0161.jpg

xoxo, Janki