A Jumpsuit for the win!!!

Hey guys!!!! I’ve missed you all so much!

So sorry that I’ve been slacking on this. I guess it took me 4 weeks to actually get my life together. Which was longer than I expected! Sophomore year of college is a lot more over bearing than freshman year.

I hope yalls day is treating you well. I almost got ran over by a car, but I’m still alive so that’s great! Just remember to look right and left before you cross a street (random life-saving tip of the day)

Anywhooo if you didn’t know already Fall Fashion Week is here and we are on our third day of it. I’ve been having a really hard time concentrating in class because of it, but you never know when a model will trip and you just have to catch it live. Sherri Hill came out with some heart stopping dresses and fall fashion is stunninggggg!!!

Speaking of fall, the one thing I think of when this season comes around is jumpsuits! They are like rompers for the fall. SO COOL. I found this special piece at free people! It is the perfect outfit for a night out or just dinner with some friends. Very comfortable and a gorgeous piece.

This jumpsuit has a low back with crisscrossing strings. And the front of the jumpsuit is to die for!!! I am in love with square necklines and this jumpsuit has exactly that! With some cute little buttons lining down the middle and with an opening in the middle.

I love that the jumpsuit is flared, just makes it a lot comfier to sit!

This piece is defining sleek and modern!

I paired it with my Ivanka Trump strappy black heels that pulled the outfit together, perfectly!


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson

xoxo, Janki

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