HELLO!! Long time no see. As you can tell I have revamped my entire site! I am so excited to show you all the new stuff I have coming up. Here’s a hint- I’m collaborating with Urban Outfitter!!! AHHH!

Stay tuned 🙂

~If you know me you know I’m the one to wear a lot of black.

Well, my mom recently gave me a news flash and told me to stop wearing all black because it looks scary. You have to remember that my mom is the cute short lady from India. Love her to death, but I agreed with her. Then at the same time, I told her I can’t stop wearing all black. Then I pondered and came up with a solution.

Hence the Faux Suede Coat. And the best purchase I’ve made in November.

I wore this to a meeting with some colleagues and it was the perfect professional and chic outfit! I’ve also been switching my shoes around with these cute booties I just bought, I will tag that at the bottom.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


Coat: Zara | Blouse: Nordstrom | Jeans: Zara | Purse: | Shoes: Jet


~My favorite season is HERE!!!!

I am so excited for fall finally being here because sweaters are my absolute favorite thing to shop, wear, and sleep in!!!

The only bad thing is that its cold now, all the time!! The worst is in the morning when you have to put your clothes on and they’re cold and your cold. Worst combination. But then 5 seconds later you’re warm cause you’re wearing some of my favorite sweaters I’m about to share with you this season.

I had to show this one first because the color Burgandy + off-shoulder = happy Janki

This is the perfect sweater because it still is very thick to keep you warm, but also very chic. Since the off-shoulder style is still going strong. I highly suggest splurging on a couple of off-shoulder sweaters you come across.

Also, the season for fedora hats is NOW!!! Its the perfect time to throw one on with your fall outfit! And the white jeans with fall leaves and pumpkins, guys!!!

Check out this outfit out on the app


xoxo, Janki



~Velvet is coming INNN!!!!

Every time I think of velvet I think of velcro… idk why

So this entire week I have constantly been asking myself what am I doing and am I doing everything right. Well, then I called my mom cause you know that happens every day. And she tells me- well “you can’t be good at everything” and for some reason, I knew that but when you hear it from your mom its a lot more impactful. And then she told me to pay attention in class. Cause I called her in my Spanish class (didn’t get in trouble, don’t worry)!

SO call your mom and pet your dog if you ever get worried about anything.

Anyhoooo this past weekend I took a beautiful trip down to Dallas for the OU/TEX game and this was one of my absolute favorite outfits from the weekend. I could not wait to share this!

This dress is from the Kendall and Kylie collection and is a beautiful bodycon black dress. The perfect dress for a night out and it fit perfectly! It was a bit longer than expected but being so tall already and pairing it with heels that were 4 inches made it work.

You know how everybody has a little black dress for the daily. I believe that everybody should start having a little black dress for the evening too. So you have a night and day option now.

Its all about the options!!!


Heres a cute pic of me and my bestie, Anna!!! She’s the best everybody should have one in their lives.


xoxo, Janki Patel




I hope you all are having a splendid hate texas week. I’ve decided to write a more casual blog post compared to my others. This one will be all of my love for Lululemon and some alternative cheaper place to get athletic clothing.

I have noticed that when I buy sets for athletic clothing. I feel a lot more motivated. I don’t know whyyy but when I have a matching sports bra and tights on I just feel 10x better. Don’t judge. Try it and then lemme know its life-changing. And it’s like a matching outfit is just so much comfier and easier to throw on.

My favorite color being purple I decided my first set to be just that color, thought that was reasonable.

I bought this set from Lululemon, and I wear it with any possible chance I can.

With the weather, fluctuating stay warm and don’t forget to drink lots of coffee (specifically, from Starbucks)!

Check out this new athletic clothing online store I just discovered, I’m obsessed!! LilyBod


xoxo, Janki



~Oh the number of questions I got over this outfit. Now all of your questions are about to be answered!!!

I wore this outfit to one of my meetings and felt like an official grown women. But I’m just 18 so idk what I was thinking. This is honestly one of my absolute favorite outfits and is perfect for this season. The ruffles are everywhere and on everything. I saw a pair of booties yesterday at the mall and they had ruffles on the side of it and my first response was this is taking over the world. We are currently getting invaded by ruffles.

This mini ruffled blue skirt is from Madewell, last time I checked it was on sale!!!!

My platform shoes are from Steve Madden. These shoes are the comfiest and cutest ones I own. I was kinda weary on buying platforms just because I’m already so tall and I didn’t wanna buy another pair of heels. But I caved in just had too because these were too cute to not buy. And now I love them to death and wear it with everything.

Finally, the most asked piece about this outfit was my scarf. Which I picked up from Urban Outfitters!! This was the perfect touch in pulling this outfit together which matched perfectly with the skirt. Buying a mini scarf has got to be one of the most adaptable pieces I have purchased. The different ways you can style this piece makes the money totally worth it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Photo by: Courtney Patterson

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Photo by: Courtney Patterson

xoxo, Janki



~The season of jumpsuits has arrived. And I am totally prepared (not really)! This is the first jumpsuit I’ve bought of the season and I need more already.

And you can never go wrong with a black jumpsuit.

Sitting down and writing this blog with a cup of coffee has just been the highlight of my week so far. The time of midterms and 3-4 tests a week has arrived and yo girl is obviously not prepared. As you can tell I’m just not really prepared for many things in my life. I tend to just ride the wave.

Anyways moving on to fashion. I recently bought this piece thinking it wasn’t going to look very flattering on me.Just because jumpsuits tend to make me look bigger than I am. But….. turns out this purchase worked for the best. Sometimes you just gotta take risks in buying clothing. Most of the time those pieces you buy in risk turn out to be your favorite ones. crazy.

Who thought a black sleeveless jumpsuit can look good.

Doing a photo shoot in this made me feel like an NYC women about to go order a cup of coffee by herself. I felt very empowered.

Oh and if you didn’t get to catch the fall NYFW, one word to sum it all up is resplendent. Designers like Kempner and Jeremy Scott did an amazing job in their pieces this year. It was fabuloussss!!!

Find all the details on this outfit on the app!

Happy almost October! Stay tuned for fall sweaters currently in trend!


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson

xoxo, Janki



~Oh my obsession with white cannot stop. And I don’t know how to stop it. Maybe that’s a good thing, think positive am I right?

SO I have some good news I was going to save it for the end of the blog, but I can’t wait. I started a new position as campus influencer for Reward Styles shopping platform. I use this app religiously and now I get to be a part of it!!!

This app allows you to follow your favorite bloggers and screenshot there outfits to know what store it came from. It’s so nice and accessible and I personally love it cause I’m always embarrassed to ask where people get there clothing from. Your support would mean so much to me just by downloading the app and following all my trends!

Anyways back to this gorgeous dress.

This white dress is honestly hard to describe the way it flows and sits on the neckline is indescribable. It’s just such a fun dress!! It’s the perfect sundress for a date/brunch or just a dress to wear around town. It can also be dressed up with a possible leather jacket and some gorgeous jewelry. I’ve worn this dress to an interview with a blazer and it was still trendy and professional.

This showstopping dress is from Dillards and the best part is that it is currently on sale!!! The brand of the dress is Gianni Bini so you can check that out here!!

Since I was going with the white look I decided to pair it with a pair of white heels I got from Zara. I am currently in love with the trend of thick heels, because of how comfy they are!! I feel like I can run a mile in them (yea just a mile, nothing more than that).

AHHH okay well I’m gonna go to bed and scream into my pillow because of how excited I am to be officially, official!! Your support means the world! Couldn’t have done it without all the love and support you guys have given my blog over the 3 months!


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson

xoxo, Janki




Hey guys!!!! I’ve missed you all so much!

So sorry that I’ve been slacking on this. I guess it took me 4 weeks to actually get my life together. Which was longer than I expected! Sophomore year of college is a lot more over bearing than freshman year.

I hope yalls day is treating you well. I almost got ran over by a car, but I’m still alive so that’s great! Just remember to look right and left before you cross a street (random life-saving tip of the day)

Anywhooo if you didn’t know already Fall Fashion Week is here and we are on our third day of it. I’ve been having a really hard time concentrating in class because of it, but you never know when a model will trip and you just have to catch it live. Sherri Hill came out with some heart stopping dresses and fall fashion is stunninggggg!!!

Speaking of fall, the one thing I think of when this season comes around is jumpsuits! They are like rompers for the fall. SO COOL. I found this special piece at free people! It is the perfect outfit for a night out or just dinner with some friends. Very comfortable and a gorgeous piece.

This jumpsuit has a low back with crisscrossing strings. And the front of the jumpsuit is to die for!!! I am in love with square necklines and this jumpsuit has exactly that! With some cute little buttons lining down the middle and with an opening in the middle.

I love that the jumpsuit is flared, just makes it a lot comfier to sit!

This piece is defining sleek and modern!

I paired it with my Ivanka Trump strappy black heels that pulled the outfit together, perfectly!


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson


Photo by: Courtney Patterson

xoxo, Janki



Oh the abundant amount of question I get over this jacket!!!

The perfect fitting, the perfect length, and an all around jacket that pleases every fashion satisfaction.

I’ve been searching for the ideal leather jacket for about 3 months now. And I didn’t really think to look at one of my favorite stores because I just assumed that I had to buy it from a different grungier store. But no. I thought wrong and I should probably just resort to my favorite store if I ever have a hard time finding another item.

I found this beauty at Zara. And I promise guys I’m gonna stop shopping there so all of my blogs aren’t over that place. But my heart just rests there.

Moving on to the rest of my outfit. My jeans are from American Eagle. And this bodysuit is from Forever 21! Shoes areJessica Simpson!

This just gave me a brilliant idea. I need to do a blog post over body suits!! I literally love bodysuits so much and I’m really confused why I haven’t written over them. Okay, so that’s coming soon!


xoxo, Janki




~I’m back from recruitment season and even better!! Since I didn’t post last week I wanted to show y’all a special outfit I’ve been saving!

This is the perfect outfit to go out in and have a good time!! 🙂

Soooo I really hope Jean skirts stay in because they are the best thing that has happened on this planet. This should be an essential in the closet. They are comfortable and match with anything you could imagine. I would even wear it with t-shirts sometimes. I love the fact that you can dress them up and down. My sister made this skirt out of a pair of old jeans, highly recommend doing if you’re crafty!

As we all know my obsession with blue and white sooo I had to match it with a white very low cut neckline. This top is the perfect going out top because it’s modest but still has its fun side! The top is from Urban Outfitters! 

Since I’m an extra person in everything I do and wear I decided to throw my Louis Vuitton belt on. I was always scared of pairing this belt with certain outfits. And I feel like matching a powerful belt needs to be done with a very subtle and basic wardrobe. The belt tied it perfectly and made the outfit a lot more glamorous.

And now I have to talk about this purse!!! This bag is from Urban Outfitters and the fun thing about it is that it’s changeable. SO it could be a black leather bag or you could flip it and it turns into a brown bag. A lot of fun and very useful!! Basically 2 bags in 1!! WOW

And finally, my accessories since I am a gold lover I wore a simple gold choker from Francesca’s and a pair of gold hoops from BCBG. Also, hoops are coming back in season which should’ve never left. Last but not least my black Ivanka Trump strappy heels!

~Forever living for simple and modest outfits! I hope you love!!


xoxo, Janki



~There’s no doubt about it, but ruffles are in!! From off shoulder ruffles to sleeves with ruffles, they’re the new hottest trend right next to tassel earrings.

I am obsessing over this ruffle top, specifically, because it’s a little different compared to other ruffle tops you see.

I felt like I was in a mariachi band all day, an amazing feeling!! Compared to my other ruffle tops this one has a bit more ruffle. So that’s a plus. Usually, there is just one layer, but this one has two. And the sleeve is super comfortable and fitting to the arm.

I snatched this blouse from Zara. And it was only 13 bucks so I’m literally in heaven right now. Now as some go crazy over the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, which I still do so I can’t judge. I also go crazy over the annual Zara sale. Which isn’t healthy (at all!) This sale comes around the same time the Nsale is going on. This is where the entire store is on sale!! There’s not a section you’ll find in the store where there is clothing for regualr price.

AHHH! I get so excited when I find amazing deals on the cutest tops!

Anyways, this top sits perfectly with a pair of high waisted jeans. I decided to go with black since I was attending a family function. A pair of white jeans would also match beautifully. The jeans are from American Eagle. 

My accessories were super simple because I wanted all of the attention on the blouse. I wore the Debra Choker Necklace in Iridescent from Kendra Scott. They also have different colors in the same brand. This piece can be adjusted to any length which is another thing I’m obsessing over. It’s so nice when a necklace can be placed in multiple styles.

Here is the link for the necklace I wore:

My shoes are also from Zara. I decided to go with a nude color that isn’t very distracting to the outfit.

For the final touch, I tied this outfit together with a Burgandy crossbody from Tory Burch. 


IMG_1186FullSizeRender 3

xoxo, Janki



Key word… TASSELS!

~This is currently the hottest trend! From having tassels on a dress to a top and skirts. And now earrings are coming in. This has to be my favorite tassely item of the season. I love mine so much that I wore it for three hours straight driving from Dallas to OKC in the car (where nobody sees me) because of my obsession with them.

I wore it with a red sari that worked beautifully!!! I’m just really excited for game days to come so I can wear these 24/7!

The pair of earrings I have I bought online. I actually saw them on The View and they had a promotion of half off going on, so I basically had too. I love these ones, compared to, other ones I’ve seen just because they have a rose gold top. Which makes it look super luxurious. I love the rose gold and the white pearl look together!

Earrings are from Daniela Swaebe 

Heres the link for her collection. She also has shorter tassel earrings available and tassel bracelets! Colors are running out!

Time To Tassel

These earrings make me wish they were in trend when I went through recruitment because this would definitely be a statement!

Since most of my readers are going through recruitment in the fall I wanted to give you some tips on how to survive and what to wear.

Since it is pageant season, as well, and there are tons of pageants going on right now. These tips can help you too! They are the ones I lived off of for both recruitment and pageants. And I guess I became pretty successful in both so I’m assuming they work. And I hope they work for you too 🙂

  1. BE YOU! ~ Don’t try to impress the house girls by turning into someone you think they are going to like. We like you, for you!
  2. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in! ~ If you wear something you love, you’ll feel 10x better. And trust me, this is the moment you wanna feel 10x better.
  3. Realize that you’re not the only nervous one. ~ And if you’re going through OU recruitment; the girls in the house that are rushing you are a lot more nervous than you are, trust me!!!!
  4. Take detailed notes. ~ This is something I wish someone told me before, cause I assumed that I could remember what all the houses were and felt like, but in reality, I didn’t remember anything. Soooo please please please take notes. Try to find something in the house that’s unique and note it down then write how you felt.  Then when you go back to those notes it’ll be easier to remember that feeling when you have an object to match it with!
  5. Be cheery and excited even if that’s not how you feel. ~ Heres the truth the days are long and hot. And you will get tired of talking.  And sometimes its a struggle continuing to be peppy all the time. Unfortunately, your favorite house could be last but you still need to have your best game face on.
  6. Stay optimistic and have fun!! ~ Rush was a rollercoaster ride for me, but I held my head high the entire time. The reality is that houses will drop you even the ones you love, but there is a reason why you were chosen to be in that house, give them a chance it can turn into the best thing in your life if you stay optimistic! Also, have funnn!!! I have made the best memories during this week!
  7. Finally, my mantra I lived off of (and still do), BE UNIQUE! ~ There are thousands of girls going in and out of houses constantly. You want to be remembered. My first day of preview tour I decided to wear a choker and on Bid Day one of my sisters came up to me and asked me if that was me. Make this happen to you! By having an amazing conversation or even a fashion statement. For me this was me being me! I wasn’t trying to change myself, I just decided that my outfit looked cuter with a choker and it worked!! Since I was going through rush with 1500 girls I wanted to be remembered. If this is your case try to do the same 🙂


xoxo, Janki




~A Kanye vibin outfit

White everything & everywhere!!! So I never really liked the idea of matching top to bottom with the same color. But my current obsession with white made me do this. And I obviously had to add a splash of color.

You guys have to TRY THIS, I am actually going to start making this a legit trend. Just take the color you’re obsessed with and match it from top to bottom then add an extra color by throwing on a jacket or a pair of heels that contrast the color.

This full white outfit made me feel like a grunge celebrity for some reason.

The white top is from American Eagle. It’s ruffly at the bottom with an opening in the back. A very comfortable top and very easy to move in.

My white jeans are also from American Eagle. This matched perfectly and has a super ripped design. Which made me feel more rebellious.

THIS JACKET! An amazing purchase!! A green jacket should always be something lying around in your closet. I’ve noticed that a green jacket just completes that last edge of the outfit. I got this one from Free People This design is impeccable. The mass amount of bottoms added that grunge feels to the outfit. There are buttons on both sides of the jacket and there’s multiple going down the sleeve of the jacket. With a ruffle bottom, it added a bit of fun to it.

Continuing with the grunge and celebrity look I topped off my outfit with some chunky black and strappy heels from Ivanka Trump.

I decided to accessorize something that obviously is close to the color white. So I went with a silver layered necklace that sat perfectly with the top. Necklaces are from Madewell.

At the end why not throw another similar color into play. I decided to match a gray purse with the outfit. This one is a simple crossbody from Tory Burch. 

~This outfit is super trendy with a celebrity feeling. Perfect for a simple dinner night out.


If you try this outfit with your own favorite color, send me pictures and let me know how much you adored the look!

xoxo, Janki



~Guys seriously can not get over the color yellow this summer.

It is not a must in the closet, a need!!

Do you ever have that feeling when you wear a specific color or clothing you just feel 10x more ready for the day? Yellow is seriously the color! It’s just a tone that makes you want to be happy throughout. It’s basically magical.

So I decided to wear this outfit while running errands, cause we all know that’s not fun. So why not wear yellow, to make it fun!!!

OMG and you guys these jeans, literally majestic!

Anyways, this yellow top has a perfect fitting and flows at the bottom. Just a super summery blouse. The top is from Anthropologie. 

Moving on to the most adorable jeans, from American Eagle. These are the comfiest and the utmost stylish pair of jeans I own. The inner half of the jeans are lighter than the outside. I am truly in love with the two tones. They also are a calf cut and have a fringe bottom. Super adorable and totally in fashion!!

I decided to accessorize since this is a very simple outfit. I went with layered rose gold necklaces from Kendra Scott. And some cute diamond studs from Michael Kors. 

Finally, topping the look off with a pair of tan Tory Burch flats and a simple crossbody Louis Vuitton completed this outfit perfectly.


xoxo, Janki



Everyone has that one retailer where you just end up leaving the store with two (or more) bags?

~We all do… mine just happens to be Zara. The contemporary and chic style is literally fabulouss!!

Now if you are a living breathing skirt lover, like me, this is a must in the closet. This skirt is definitely an eye catcher and a go-getter.

This is hands down my favorite outfit. It’s super simple but has that amazing vibrant look. Recently my love for blue and white has gone out of the roof. I can’t stop myself from buying blue and white clothing. Nbd…

The best thing about this white top is the sleeves. They are flowy and loose and tie at your wrist with tassel ties. UMM YES TO TASSELS! The top is V-neck shaped and all together is a very comfy material. Highly recommend having a piece like this in the closet! The top is from Zara. 

–> Moving onto the skirt the best part of this outfit. This embroidered skirt is to die forrrr!! The embroidery trend is definitely coming back better than ever, from the ’70s.  This skirt is truly easy to pair with any clothing and is super comfy. With skirts like this try to match them with a simple a top to prevent any distraction from this gorgeous piece. Embroidered skirt is from Zara. 

Oh and not to forget the accessories. I decided to go with rose gold because it matches perfectly with any blue and white outfit. As always, I stacked my necklaces. Both of the rose gold pieces are from Kendra Scott. The smaller bar is a simple shimmery rose gold. And the choker necklace has rose gold rhinestones that sit perfectly on the collarbone. The best feature about the choker necklace is that it’s adjustable to sit anywhere you like. YAASSS!!

Finally, I settled with wearing just nude heels to continue to keep the attention, all to the skirt. These pair of heels are from Jessica Simpson. 


blogProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

xoxo, Janki



~I wanna start off the with one MUST HAVE outfit I can not live without.

So I am in love with this outfit because it’s super simple but so chic. This set can be dressed up or down. And can be used in many ways, superr versatile.

Starting off with a simple (must need) v-neck white top from Banana Republic and light wash jeansfrom White House Black Market. These are honestly my favorite pair of jeans because they fit so perfectly. They also have little jewels through the rips literally amazing. Cause who wouldn’t want beads and jewels on their jeans?

–> Moving on to the shoes. My favorite pair of heels from Ivanka Trump. Ahh, these are a must in the closet. There black with metal studs and a strappy lace. With a thick heel, I can walk for hours in these. And the plus, they compliment any outfit!!

Last but not least, accessories. A current trend, layered necklaces. Which goes perfectly with a v-neck top. I found this adorable gold chain that says “babe” necklace from Lucca that is by Fraser Sterling. Mixed in with the “babe” necklace I picked up a couple of simple gold chain from Francesca’s.


At the end, I decided to throw a leather jacket over it and it quickly became a day to night outfit. Leather jackets are amazing in transforming your outfit. The jacket is from Zara.


xoxo, Janki