Back to Burgandy

~My favorite season is HERE!!!!

I am so excited for fall finally being here because sweaters are my absolute favorite thing to shop, wear, and sleep in!!!

The only bad thing is that its cold now, all the time!! The worst is in the morning when you have to put your clothes on and they’re cold and your cold. Worst combination. But then 5 seconds later you’re warm cause you’re wearing some of my favorite sweaters I’m about to share with you this season.

I had to show this one first because the color Burgandy + off-shoulder = happy Janki

This is the perfect sweater because it still is very thick to keep you warm, but also very chic. Since the off-shoulder style is still going strong. I highly suggest splurging on a couple of off-shoulder sweaters you come across.

Also, the season for fedora hats is NOW!!! Its the perfect time to throw one on with your fall outfit! And the white jeans with fall leaves and pumpkins, guys!!!

Check out this outfit out on the app


xoxo, Janki


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