Velvet Black Dress.

~Velvet is coming INNN!!!!

Every time I think of velvet I think of velcro… idk why

So this entire week I have constantly been asking myself what am I doing and am I doing everything right. Well, then I called my mom cause you know that happens every day. And she tells me- well “you can’t be good at everything” and for some reason, I knew that but when you hear it from your mom its a lot more impactful. And then she told me to pay attention in class. Cause I called her in my Spanish class (didn’t get in trouble, don’t worry)!

SO call your mom and pet your dog if you ever get worried about anything.

Anyhoooo this past weekend I took a beautiful trip down to Dallas for the OU/TEX game and this was one of my absolute favorite outfits from the weekend. I could not wait to share this!

This dress is from the Kendall and Kylie collection and is a beautiful bodycon black dress. The perfect dress for a night out and it fit perfectly! It was a bit longer than expected but being so tall already and pairing it with heels that were 4 inches made it work.

You know how everybody has a little black dress for the daily. I believe that everybody should start having a little black dress for the evening too. So you have a night and day option now.

Its all about the options!!!


Heres a cute pic of me and my bestie, Anna!!! She’s the best everybody should have one in their lives.


xoxo, Janki Patel


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