When life gives you lemons​ pray they’re lulu


I hope you all are having a splendid hate texas week. I’ve decided to write a more casual blog post compared to my others. This one will be all of my love for Lululemon and some alternative cheaper place to get athletic clothing.

I have noticed that when I buy sets for athletic clothing. I feel a lot more motivated. I don’t know whyyy but when I have a matching sports bra and tights on I just feel 10x better. Don’t judge. Try it and then lemme know its life-changing. And it’s like a matching outfit is just so much comfier and easier to throw on.

My favorite color being purple I decided my first set to be just that color, thought that was reasonable.

I bought this set from Lululemon, and I wear it with any possible chance I can.

With the weather, fluctuating stay warm and don’t forget to drink lots of coffee (specifically, from Starbucks)!

Check out this new athletic clothing online store I just discovered, I’m obsessed!! LilyBod


xoxo, Janki


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